Miami Herald Article: Chatting with – Miami company uses AI to engage with customers

Chirrp has been featured in the Miami Herald! Writer Nancy Dalberg speaks to chirrp’s leadership about chirrp’s unique technology as part of the Herald’s Biz Monday feature.

Check out the full story here or read the transcript below.

Chatting with Chirrp: Miami company uses AI to engage with customers Partners with Accelirate to Transform Customer Experience via Chatbots

Chatbots are transforming customer experience!

Chirrp is partnering with Accelirate to offer cutting-edge enterprise chatbots solutions. Chirrp enables companies to transform their customer experience by providing human-like conversation.

With this partnership, chirrp expands its capabilities by integrating business process automation (BPA) software. To address increasing customer demand for chatbot solutions, Accelirate is looking to chirrp to provide relevant and accurate chatbot conversations. “There are many chatbot solutions out there, however, we wanted to make sure that the platform should be able to handle low-, medium- and high-complexity use cases,”  says Ahmed Zaidi, managing partner and chief automation officer of Accelirate.

Read the full press release here.

One chirrp at a time

Chirrp is an Artificial Intelligence multi-channel chatbot platform. Our mission is to enable enterprises from all industries to transform their customer experience by providing human-like conversations through our patent-pending conversational technology. Chirrp combines the convenience of chat with the intelligence of machine learning. It’s a consumer-engagement platform that learns from users’ interactions (amongst an ever-expanding list of communication channels) and provides insights into consumer behaviors, preferences, and concerns. For more information, visit our website or contact [email protected].