Abeyon Techflow Team awarded spot on HHS IAAI IDIQ Contract

Abeyon and TechFlow Team awarded a spot on $49 million HHS IAAI IDIQ contract. This contract will enable PSC contracting officers to quickly obtain Intelligent Automation/Artificial Intelligence related solutions, services, and products. The HHS Program Support Center (PSC) IAAI Contract is a multiple award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) that supports federal agency piloting, testing and implementation of advanced technologies to include, but not limited to, intelligent automation/artificial intelligence (e.g. blockchain/distributive ledger technology (DLT), microservices, machine learning, natural language processing, robotic process automation, etc.) that are able to transform business processes and enhance mission delivery in the Federal Government.

The Program Support Center (PSC) estimates that IAAI will enable the government to run smarter, faster and more efficient. This contract is open to all federal agencies and it is the PSC’s intention to enable the public sector to shift from “low value” to “high value” tasks by automating tasks and adopting innovative solutions utilizing advanced technologies including AI and machine learning.

“Abeyon has demonstrated success in implementing robust AI solutions at DoD and we are looking to continue to bring those capabilities and add value to HHS and other federal agencies” said Mallesh Murugesan, Abeyon CEO.

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AI Machine Learning Primer Contribution

Abeyon contributed to the ACT-IAC white paper on Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Primer. The primer serves as a foundational tool in the understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) technology and, through the use cases, reveal how they can be applied to benefit the federal government and improve the lives of American citizens.

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Intelligent Automation Primer

Abeyon contributed to the ACT-IAC white paper on Intelligent Automation Primer. The goal of this primer is to help readers understand how they can adopt various automation technologies to make their businesses more effective. The term Intelligent automation marries artificial intelligence—including natural language processing, machine learning, and machine vision—with automation to replicate and/or imitate human actions and reasoning to perform tasks.

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Abeyon Awarded SeaPort Next Generation Contract

Abeyon, llc (under prime Emprise Corporation) was awarded a spot on SeaPort Next Generation Contract (a a potential 10-year, $50B contract vehicle).

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Abeyon Recieves Government Innovations Award

Abeyon’s work in Artificial Intelligence NLP technology was recognized as the 2018 Government Innovations Award winner among DoD projects for implementing the “Best in Class” machine learning tool

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